Airbrush Tanning

ready. set. GLOW.

Custom Tan                   $40

Face Only                      $10

Arms, Legs & Face Only   $20   

         Unlimited Tanning Per Month                 $120           


5+ Years Experience

Flawless Technique

Professional Environment


Anti-aging Aloe Vera Based

100% Organic DHA

Paraben & Alcohol Free

Instant Color

Citrus Scented

Heated Tan Area

Fast Drying

Tan Tips

Perfectly prepped skin is key for a streak free, long lasting custom airbrush tan, here are a few before & after tips.

before your appointment day:

PEANUT ALLERGIES! Some of the solutions have walnut in them so please mention that at  time of booking.

EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE! You'll want to exfoliate for a few days before your appointment, exfoliate all over in a circular motion. This step will get rid of any dead skin so that your tan will be even & fade even as well.

SHAVE at least 24hrs. in advance! (if you don't give your pores enough time to close you could end up spotty)

on appointment day:

no children in tanning area, thank you.

ANYTHING that'll get you wet should be done before your appointment. Including but not limited to shower, gym, sauna, dishes, swimming,bathing kids or pets, sports & pretty much anything that'll cause you to sweat or get wet.

NO lotion, deodorant or perfume on the day of. Lotion & perfume will act as a barrier to the solution & cause an uneven tan. Deodorant residue will instantly turn green on your skin.

WEAR flip-flops & dark loose clothing to your appointment. (you can tan in anything you are comfortable in)

after your tan:

WAIT 8-12hrs. after your tan to shower, gym, sauna, dishes, bathing kids or pets, sports & anything that'll cause you to sweat or get wet.

NO exfoliating until you are ready for your next custom airbrush tan:)

Hope This Helps!